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pgn2web-0.4.tar.gz Linux Sources (575k)

Installation requires that you have the wxWidgets (formerly wxWindows) library installed. Most distributions will have a ready made package for this.

To install, untar the archive, change to the resulting directory, type make, switch to root and type make install.

Mac OS X

pgn2web-0.4.dmg Mac OS X Application (705k)
pgn2web-0.4.src.dmg Mac OS X Sources (717k)

To install, simply open the disk image and copy the program to your application folder.

Windows Windows Installer (1566k)

It is recommended that if you have a previous version of pgn2web installed that you uninstall it first.

The Windows version is distributed as a Microsoft Installer Package. If you are running XP or have the Windows Installer software on your system then you can simply run the MSI file to install. If you are not running XP and do not have the Windows Installer on your system you will need to download it from the Microsoft website.